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About Our Club

Our club was established in 2013.  We began our journey in the Whitby Hall just north of Drayton Valley.  Since then our club has grown and our programs have expanded tremendously. We are a non profit organization with a membership to the AGF and structured with a parent volunteer board made up of volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to the club. 

In order for the BGC to be a member of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation or AGF, each competitive and recreational member must pay dues.  These dues are collected by the BGC.  The AGF is comprised of more than 100 member clubs throughout Alberta. The AGF has two general areas of responsibility:

  •  Coordination of gymnastics activities that are provinicial in nature, such as leadership development, the recreation development program and the competitive program.  

  • Provisions of services to clubs, particularily services that would otherwise be unavailable to clubs.

The benefits to belonging to the AGF are:

  • ongoing communication and support

  • a comprehensive liability insurance package to protect club directors, coaches and supervisors from potential lawsuits as well as a sports accident insurance policy that compensates participants for sports related injuries.

  The BGC Mission Statement   


Our Facilities

Our gym consists of two bays in the Poplar Ridge Industrial Park, which provides us with 5428 sq ft. of office, waiting area, bathroom, kitchen and gym space.  Our coaches have designed the layout of our equipment in such a way that our gymnasts have enough room to execute all the skills they are required to do.

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