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The BGC's 

Birthday Parties

& Other Rentals

Birthday Parties

Celebrate Your Birthday With Us! 

Let the BGC take the headache out of planning your next birthday party.  Your birthday guests will get to experience the world of gymnastics with one of our NCCP certified coaches who is sure to set up the gym with age appropriate games, relays and other exciting activities.

Birthday Parties are 2 hours long,  The first hour are free play in the gym and the last hour is in the party room for cake and presents.  

Birthday parent hosts are welcome to bring cake, snacks, pizza etc.  Decorations are permitted to be set up but must be taken down after the party has ended.  

The cost is $200 for club Members and $250 for Non Members for a maximum of 15 children for 2 hours. $10 extra for over 15 kids.

For more information you can call the BGC @ 780-515-8825 or email,  or we can be reached through our Facebook page. 

Call to request.

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Cancellation Policy

We request a notice of cancellation be given 14 days prior to the date of booking in order to receive a refund.  A $35 non-refundable fee will apply to these cancellations.  If a facility rental is rescheduled for another date during the time of the cancellation, the rental fee may be transferred to the new booking.  Cancellation made after the 14 day grace period will not be qualified to receive a refund.

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School Field Trips

We are open for school classroom groups to ad gymnastics to their PE alternatives.  Teachers will receive 1.25 for their classroom in the gym with a structured class routine.  The students will go through the 4 circuits to learn skills on each of the 4 apparatuses with a NCCP certified coach.  They will learn the importance of warm up prior to gymnastics as well as learning safety on and around the equipment.


A teacher or teacher appointed parent will be required for every 10 students.  This will allow the coach to continue the lesson without interruption and have them be able to move around and teach o multiple apparatuses so everyone gets a turn.

Rental Fees

Cost per class is $150 for 1.25 hour.  Book 3 dates and save $50!  3 bookings for $400




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