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 Members ... We Need Your Help!

Parent Volunteer Program

As with the majority of gymnastics clubs in Alberta and across Canada, The Brazeau Gymnastics Club is a non-profit society dependent on the volunteer efforts of its members to function efficiently. As of late, the bulk of the work has fallen to a very few. In order to continue as an effective and spirited club we need to make adjustments. By design, a volunteer program has been implemented. 


All volunteer hours contribute to reducing our operating costs in general, allowing us to keep our fees affordable. We welcome all individuals that would like to help and volunteer.  


In addition to the volunteer program, fundraising is an integral part of The Brazeau Gymnastics Club to keep fees as low as possible. The club will continue to pursue every avenue of fundraising open to them. The Brazeau Gymnastics Club is also actively seeking private and corporate support in the form of sponsorship and donations. Any expertise in its parent body to assist in new and better ways to secure financial support is welcomed!

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