"Jump off the Beam,

Flip off the Bars,

Follow your Dreams

& Reach for the Stars"


Meet The Team

Our Artistic Gymnastic Coaches

All of our coaches are certified through the NCCP, with additional training in First AId and Respect In Sport.  Throughout the year, our coaches participate in Professional Development courses such as MED (Making Ethical Decisions) to build on their training in a variety of ways, which in turn provides a safe, leading edge coaching session for your child. Coaches are highly regarded and their time is always in demand. At the same time, they enjoy flexible schedules. Coaches may spend just a few hours a week working with gymnasts to build their skills, while working at their professional careers within our community.

Jessie Safronovich

Head Coach


Carrie O`Niell

As the daughter of a gymnastics coach & judge, I have been involved in gymnastics from a very young age.  I was a competitive gymnast with the Grand Prairie Gymniks & was the 1998 Provinicial Champion of Alberta for my level.  I then became involved in coaching, getting certified level 2 artisitic gymnastics & certified level 1 Trampoline.  I also have 10 years experience as a gymnastics judge.  I took some time away from gymnastics after my son was born to focus on my family, but never lost my passion for the sport.  I am excited to be back coaching & look forward to working with the other coaches to develop & teach the young athletes of the BGC.

FullSizeR (2).jpg


I had five years of competitive gymnastics experience as a child, which massively influenced the person I am today. I am now pursuing coaching because I wanted gymnastics to be a part of my life again. I don’t have a lot of work experience, but this is the best job I’ve ever had.

I would like to introduce myself and welcome all parents, athletes, friends, family, and fans to the Brazeau Cheerleading Club! My name is Amanda Cyr (Coach Amanda), I am currently a stay at home mom of two, a 5 year old boy and a 3year old girl, and I will be the face behind the cheerleading practices ️ I myself was a cheerleader in New Brunswick for school and All-Star (club) cheerleading and have since been coaching the Frank Maddock High School Warriors Cheerleading Team for 11 years, as well as, the H.W. Pickup Huskies Cheerleading team this year being their first competitive year!
I am level 3 certified under the ACA (Alberta cheerleading association) as well I have attended a judging course and continue to attend annual conferences to maintain a current knowledge on the rapid growth of all things cheer related!
My dynamic in coaching is simple, I truly believe each team is a family. We work together like a family, we carry a special bond like family, and we push each other with love and positivity to be the best athletes/ cheerleaders that they can be. My goal is to introduce club cheerleading into our community and maintain the growth of this amazing sport whilst developing champion athletes.
I look forward to starting this new family at BCC and I could not be more excited to share my love of this sport with our community through all-star (club) cheerleading.

Amanda Cyr

Head Cheerleading Coach

Meet Our Parent Volunteer Board Members

Our Parent Volunteer Board consists of Parents of children belonging to the club, who have volunteered their time & elbow grease, so to speak, to help see The BGC succeed, as every board member provides an integral part to the prosperity of this club.  All board members devote many hours to ensure your child's gymnastics experience is a safe, boistrous, and healthy one.  


Gina Safronovich


Katie Anderson


I have one toddler son who absolutely loved coming to the Open Gyms, so it was just an obvious choice to enrol him into the upcoming Mama-roos class. Once I was at the gym I realized that the Gym was in need of board members. I now have the role of helping with Social Media, updating the website  and communications.


Jaelynn Fersch


I have one daughter and she is part of the J01 competitive team. She started in Mama-Roos at the age of 2 and hasn't look back she is now 7. I decided to help out on the board and I have a new appreciation for volunteers. 

My role with the board is to deal with the communications such as the website, social media and advertising.  

Myrena Logan


Katie Puittinen

Ashley Fehr 


Vice President