"Jump off the Beam,

Flip off the Bars,

Follow your Dreams

& Reach for the Stars"


Meet Our Parent Volunteer Board Members

Our Parent Volunteer Board consists of Parents of children belonging to the club, who have volunteered their time & elbow grease, so to speak, to help see The BGC succeed, as every board member provides an integral part to the prosperity of this club.  All board members devote many hours to ensure your child's gymnastics experience is a safe, boistrous, and healthy one.  


Katie Anderson


Gina Safronovich


Shannon Theisen


I have one toddler son who absolutely loved coming to the Open Gyms, so it was just an obvious choice to enroll him into the upcoming Mama-roos class. Once I was at the gym I realized that the Gym was in need of board members. I started out as the secretary role which I held until being voted in as the President  

Melissa Torkelson

Fundraising Coordinator

Cheryl Rennison

Wendy Snow


Vice President

Katie Puittinen 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Kylyn Bone

Social Media Liaison


Event Coordinator

Open position